Matacic: Bottacchiari "L'Ombra" (1-act lyric opera, rec. "live" 1968) - Omaggio

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Omaggio (LP)

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This fascinating and very rare gatefold set from Omaggio (Italian pressing, red label, stereo, booklet included) featues conductor Lovro von Matacic's brilliant presentation of composer Ugo Bottacchiari's one-act lyric opera "L'Ombra", recorded "live" in Milan on 9 June 1968.

Joining Matacic on this memorable occasion were soprano Anna My Bruni (as Margherita) and tenor Michele Molese (as Wolfgango). Matacic conducts the Orchestre e Coro dell'Angelicum di Milano.

This performance was captured by producer / sound engineer Tomas Gallia.

There is a Cetra pressing, with identical artwork, of this recording. I cannot say which came first, but I suspect the Omaggio production.

Included is full-size bound-in booklet with a plot synopsis, as well as the complete vocal texts, not only in the original Italian, but also in German, English, and French translations.



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