Reisenberg: Kabalevsky 24 Preludes for Piano - Westminster WN 18095, beautiful

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Westminster (LP)

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This beautiful LP from Westminster (WN 18095, US pressing, blue/silver script label, mono, heavy gatefold album, original Westminster promotional insert included) features pianist Nadia Reisenberg’s masterly presentation of Dimitri Kabalevsky’s 24 Preludes for Piano Op. 38, recorded at Esoteric Studios, New York City, in 1954.

Both Bridge Records and Ivory Classics have done much to resurrect the artistry of this truly remarkable pianist. This particular issue is very attractive – the gatefold is of extremely sturdy construction, with a glossy finish to it.

Of Ivory Classics CD re-issue of this recording, coupled with other Russian piano music that Reisenberg set down for Westminster, the wonderful critic Jed Distler wrote for Classics Today:

On the evidence of the 1954/55 sessions reissued here, Nadia Reisenberg and Russian miniatures were well matched. Fifty years on, the pianist's recording of Kabalevsky's delightful 24 Preludes Op. 38 still holds its own by virtue of her rhythmic verve, warm, singing tone, and ability to give fresh voice to each movement. While the Tchaikovsky works demand relatively little in terms of virtuoso technique, Reisenberg's gift for arching long lines and subtly pointing up harmonic felicities easily hold up over repeated hearings. And Rachmaninov's overplayed C-sharp minor Prelude rings out with the booming bass lines and tolling chords in an ideal interactive state. In Polka de V.R., Reisenberg manages to keep the inner lines afloat and alive inrelation to the main right-hand melodic material--not the easiest task. My one quibble concerns the dry, somewhat hardened sonics. Occasional distortion and breakup in loud passages leads me to suspect that Ivory Classics' transfers were effected from mint LP copies rather than original Westminster label master tapes. That aside, this release is a worthy centenary tribute to a respected pianist and teacher.”

There are fine liner notes on the left-interior panel of the gatefold album by Abraham Skulsky. Also included is an original promotional leaflet from Westminster that was enclosed with the record.



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