Ormandy/Philadelphia Orchestra: Pines & Fountains of Rome (rec. 1957/58) - Columbia MS 6001

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Columbia Masterworks (LP)

Jacket EX / LP EX / US pressing

This beautiful LP from Columbia Masterworks (MS 6001, US pressing, gray "360 Sound" label, stereo) features conductor Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra in a magnificent performance of Respighi's The Fountains of Rome and The Pines of Rome, both sumptuously recorded at the Broadwood Hotel, Philadelphia, the former on on 14 April 1957 and the latter on 23 March 1958.

These are performances that marry poetry and panache in equal measure and with the "Fabulous Philadelphians" at his command, Ormandy invests these works with a breathtaking dynamism and panolpy of color.

Incidentally, the striking cover photo of Rapho-Guillumette was taken by Robert Emmett Bright. There are excellent liner notes (uncredited) on the reverse side of the jacket, printed in English only.


The gradations of condition I use are as follows: MINT, Near-Mint, Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor.

The condition of the jacket is EXCELLENT. There is minor wear at corners and a slight crease along the spine, but that is all. There are no seamsplits, bends, owners' markings, or other defects and the album remains solid, bright, glossy, and very striking in appearance – overall, a fine collector's copy.

The condition of the LP itself is EXCELLENT. Though the surfaces are not absolutely silent, really this is a fine copy and the playback is quite superb. Those requiring CD silent surfaces are kindly advised to look elsewhere. Overall, this rates as an excellent collector's copy.



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