Munch/BSO: Franck Symphony in D minor (rec. 1957) - RCA VICS-1034 (3S/4S)

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This handsome LP from RCA Victrola (VICS-1034, US pressing, plum/silver label – ED1, 3S/4S stampers, stereo) features conductor Charles Munch and the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s wonderful account of Franck’s Symphony in D minor, warmly recorded in the rich acoustics of Symphony Hall, Boston, on 11 March 1957. Though not as celebrated as Monteux’s famous 1961 reading with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (also on RCA), “Le Beau Charles’ and the BSO nonetheless imbue this work with arresting grandiloquence and hushed majesty.

Incidentally, the lovely cover art reprints Camille Corot’s “Mt. Soracte from Cività Castellana”. There are superb liner notes on the reverse side of the jacket by Cyrus Durgin, Music Critic of the Boston Globe for more than 35 years – printed in English only.



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