This shop accepts PayPal.
Credit Cards
Credit card payments are also accepted, either via PayPal or via the Shopify Payments Gateway. Both PayPal and Shopify are completely secure and highly rated internet payment companies.
Bank Transfers
Also accepted are bank transfers. Although I am based in Europe, any bank transfers will have to go to my USA bank, no exceptions (all transfers must be in US dollars).
However, please bear in mind that this payment option cannot be used in conjunction with the shopping cart. Buyers who prefer this method can simply send me an e-mail listing the items they want, or a screen shot of the shopping cart, and I will calculate the total and provide them with an invoice and my USA bank details.
Bank Checks
I will accept bank checks, though again these must be directed to my USA bank and must be in US dollars. Really, this method is not recommended. It is quite slow – the check would have to clear my USA bank, etc.
Not accepted.






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