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CLASSICAL COVER ART: I have launched a new "sister" website to devoted to classical music cover art. This is meant as a free resource to collectors and devotees of album cover art. Without exception, all of the album images are mine, taken by myself over many years. These albums are not available. I no longer have copies of them. When known, the artist who executed the cover art is provided. There are currently @ 800 LP covers in this gallery, but over time I hope to expand it to many thousands. You can link to it via the Main Menu above or by clicking here.


FLACs: I will slowly begin adding FLAC files for each of the mp3 tracks currently available. Although they do not appear in the "Turntable Tracks" section of the Home Page, if you search on that artist, you will find a FLAC listing for any corresponding mp3 file that artist has. All transfers have been professionally done by Deep Sky Audio. I have tried to include tracks from albums not readily available elsewhere and have priced them more affordably than what one often finds.



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